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Free About Us Page Generator Online

Whether you are a simple blogger or a huge company, your website should have a About Us page. Easily generate a company about page with this free about us pages templates generator.

How to Generate About Us Page Online

  1. Enter the Basic details of your company or website and what the website does.
  2. Click "Generate About Us" button to generate the About Us page for your website.

Basic Details


What is a About Us Page ?

An About Us page is a simple webpage that helps your website users understand more about you or the website owner, the company or website's history and its current course of events. Every website should have a About Us Page within their website allowing their users to learn more about them.

Whether you are using a static site generator like Wix, Wordpress or blogger or you have developed your own custom site, the site must have a About Us page so that users can readily get to know about you or your company and the website and its area of operations.

Why About Us Page is needed ?

This simple and typical About Us page helps in a huge way to build credibility of you and your website and your company in the internet online. With this page people are wee assured that a valid and good entity is conducting its operatios online instead of a fradulent entity. This page helps users get to know you.

There are many positive impacts of having an About Us page in your website. It shows the world what you are and helps you build positive relations with the community. This helps in gnerating a positive image for the business which is quite important to customer loyalty and trust.

How the generate About Us Page ?

If you are looking for a shopify about us page or a digital marketing agency about us or a web design about us or a web development company about us or a wix about us page or a about us page generator for blogger free or a company about page or a ecommerce about us page or about us content for ecommerce website or about us pages templates or real estate about us page examples or best about us lines, we've got you covered.

First, enter your website name. This is not your website url, rather the name of your website. You may also enter the name of your company instead. Next, enter the website category in the second text box. For example, you can enter eCommerce or Tutorials or web Design or Digital Marketing based on the area of your website and its business.

The last one you hvea to enter is the speciality of the website. Each website has its own speciality. If your website is a blog, type in latest posts on which subject or content. If you are an ecommerce website owner and sell T-Shirts, you may enter Trendy T-Shirt Designs etc. based on the speciality of your website.

Now, click on the Generate About Us button below the input fields. This will generate the sample About Us page and you will immediality see a preview of the page below. You can directly copy the enitre text or you may copy the HTML Code of the generated About Us page using the Copy HTML Code button.

Do I need to Pay or Register to use this tool ?

Our About Us Page generator is absolutely free of cost. You need not pay anything to use the tool. Feel free to use the tool as many times as you want. Also you need not register on this or any site to use this tool. We bring this tool to you for free of cost. If you like the tool, share the page and spread the love.