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Free Cookie Policy Page Generator Online

The purpose of a Cookies Policy is to inform your users what cookies you use, and for what purposes. This helps maintain user privacy rights and protect consumers. It's an agreement that boosts transparency between businesses and users. Generate a custom-made Cookies Policy to comply with the ePrivacy Directive and the GDPR law and keep your business safe.

How to Generate Cookie Policy Page Online

  1. Enter the Basic details of your company or website below.
  2. Click "Generate Cookie Policy" button to generate the Cookie Policy page for your website.

Basic Details


What is a Cookies Policy ?

A Cookies Policy is a sometimes-legally-required agreement that informs your users about What cookies are, What cookies you use, What purposes you use them for, What you do with the information you collect via cookies or How users can change their cookie settings.

A Cookies Policy is important because the GDPR legally requires one. If you fall under the scope of the GDPR and don't have a Cookies Policy, you can face potential fines and legal issues. They're also important for maintaining consumer privacy rights and keeping your users informed about your practices. They're important for transparency and facilitating user rights.

What is the Cookie Policy Generator ?

A gdpr cookie policy generator will help you avoid all the time and effort you need to put in to create cookie policy on your own. This free cookies policy page generator will help your create cookie policy free.

All that you have to do is Answer all our questions during the Cookies Policy Generator session and receive a customized Cookies Policy for your website at the end and use it in your app or business or website for free.

How to use the Cookie Policy Generator ?

Our website cookie policy generator is quite simple and easy to use. Just enter all the basic details into the gdpr cookie consent generator to create a compliant cookie policy for free. Once you have entered all the details, click on the Generate button and our best cookie policy generator will generate your cookie consent policy.

You can either copy all of the generated content from the free cookie policy generator and use it in your app or website. Alternatively you may also use the Copy HTML button to copy the HTML of the generated content to directly use it as a page in you blog or website.