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Free Shades & Tints Generator Online

Generate upto 10 levels of Shades and Tints for your Color. Use the free tool to generate the desired Shades and Tints.

Tints and Shades

In web development and color theory, Tints are known as a mixture of a color with white, which will increase the lightness of the said color, while the Shade of any color is a combination of the color with black, which will increase the said color's darkness. Both the techniques of shaidng and tinting affect the resultant color's saturation.

Also in color theory, a Color Tone is produced via two methods, by combining a specific color with the color gray, or by using both the techniques of tinting and shading the color. If we mix any color with any of the neutral colors (which includes black, gray, and white), this will reduce the chroma, or the colorfulness of the said color, while the hue (which is a relative mixture of the primary colors red, green, blue, etc. depending on the color space) will totally remain unaltered.

How to use the Shades and Tints Generator Tool

Simply enter the hex color code of your choice and and click on Generate to generate the Shades and Tints of your color code.