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Free Color Shades Online

Color Shades are different variations of a specific color. A Shade is made by adding black to a color while a Tint is made by adding white to the color. Checkout the entire range of shades for Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow and Pink.

What is Color Shade

A Color shade and Tint is simply a variation of a particular color by adding black or white to it. The resultant color is known as the Shade or Tint of a Color.

In this tool you can find various cool shades of all the 3 primary colors Red, Green, Blue and also Purple, Yellow and Pink.

How to use the Color Shade Tool

Choose the type of color for which you wnat to see more shades. Once you have selected the color, the respective color shades and all color variations available will be displayed.

You can copy either the HEX or RGB code of the color for your personal use. If you like the tool and the color collections, please credit and share, no pressure though.