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Easily Compress your images of any format completely for free online. Compress your image without changing their quality.

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What is Image Compression ?

Image compression simply means to minimize the file size in bytes of a graphics or image file without reducing or degrading the quality of the graphic or image to an unacceptable level where the image is illegible or looses its clarity.

Why is Image Compression needed?

Image Compression result in reduced file size and this reduction in the image file size will allow more images or graphics to be stored in a given amount of file or disk space or computer memory. Image Compression also reduces the total time required for images of any size to be transferred over the internet or downloaded from any webpage on the internet.

How to use the Compress Image Tool ?

To use the Compress Iamge tool, first select an image using the Choos an image button or you can also drop your image onto the drop are marked above. Once you have choosed your image, our tool will automatically start compressing your image with the best compression technique available and once the compression is done, you will see the compressed image displayed along with the compression details of the file and its original resolutions.

Once you are satisfied with the compression, you can click on the download button to download the compressed image. No data is sent to any server for compression, all the image compression is done right in the web browser. So you can be sure that your data is safe.