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What is the WEBP Format ?

The WebP format is also known as the modern image format for the web. The Webp format gives us superior lossless and lossy compression for displaying images on the internet webpages. Using the WebP format, one can create small and rich images that load the webpage faster.

The images in WebP lossless format are 26% small in size when compared to much widely used PNG format and the lossy images are roughly 25-34% small when compared to the JPG image format.

How the webP Format Compression Works ?

The lossy WebP format compression uses a predictive type or coding to encode any image on the internet. This same method is also used by the VP8 video codec to compress the keyframes in video files. The predictive coding uses all the simialr values in nearby blocks of pixels and predicts the resultant values for that area and encodes whatever is the difference between the two.

The lossless WebP format compression also uses the already seen image parts or fragments to reconstruct new pixels in the given area. The compression can also use any local palette available if no interesting match is found during the encoding.

How to open or view WEBP Images

You can also use one of our popular image tools like the WEBP to PNG Converter, WEBP to JPG Converter, Image Converter, Image Resizer or the Compress Image tools to view your WEBP images online.

What is the JPG Format ?

JPG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is a well known universal image file format that uses an algorithm to compress graphics, photographs and images. The significant amount of compression that is possible with the JPG format is one of the main reason for its wide adoption.

The relatively small file size of the JPG image files makes it a very good choice to send or receive the image files over the internet and is also the main reason of its increasing usage on more and more websites these days.

How do we open the JPG file?

We can use almost all image viewing applications and programs as they will recognize and are able to open JPG/JPEG image files reletively easily. To open the JPG files, double click the JPG image file, which results in opening the image file in the default image viewer, default image editor, or the default web browser on your PC/computer.

If you want to select a specific program or application to open the JPG image file, do a right-click on the file, now select "Open with" in the list of options to open the file with the application of your choice.

How to use the JPG to WEBP Converter

If you have your image file ready, click on the choose image button, this will open up a dialog box where you can brose in the directory structure and select your image. Alternatively you can also drag and drop your image into the ares specified above. Once you have added or selected your image file, a sample preview will e displayed. Your actual image may be larger than the one displayed here. This is only for display purposes, so no worries.

Your output file format is preselected for you. You can simply click on the download button. This will not upload your image to any server, all the conversion is done right in your browser, so your images are safe. Your file will begin to download automatically.