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Free HMAC Hash Generator Online

Generate a HMAC hash from a string using your secret key. Simply enter the string in the input text field below and click on Generate button to generate a HMAC hash of the string you have entered. You can also download the results.

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What is HMAC Hash Algorithm ?

In the world of cryptography, the HMAC (alternatively known as either hash-based message authentication code or keyed-hash message authentication code) is a different type of MAC (message authentication code), which involves a cryptographic hashing function and also a secret cryptographic key.

As with any MAC algorithm, it may be also be used to verify both the authenticity and the data integrity of a string/message. The HMAC also provides the authentication using a shared secret key instead of using a random digital signature with asymmetric cryptography.

The HMAC trades off the requirement for a random and complex public key by delegating the comple key to the different parties involved, all who are responsible to establish and use the trusted channel to agree on the complex key before the communication between the various parties.

How to use the HMAC Hash Generator

To generate a HMAC Hash, first select your choice of algorithm from the first dropdown box provided above. Once the algorithm is selected, now enter your secret key in the second text field. Lastly, enter your string or text which you want to generate a hash for, in the last input text box provided. Now click on the Generate button. This will generate a HMAC Hashed value for the input and the sceret key you have provided.