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Free Secure Password Generator Online

Secure Password Generator tool is a free online tool to generate a random and secure password for all your needs. Choose the options below on you want to generate your secure password and click on the Generate button to generate/create your random and secure password. You can also download your password in a txt file for future reference.

Password Length: 10


  ( e.g. @#$% )

Include Numbers:
  ( e.g. 123456 )

Include Lowercase Characters:
  ( e.g. abcdefgh )

Include Uppercase Characters:
  ( e.g. ABCDEFGH )

What is a Password Generator Tool?

Our Secure Password Generator is a free online easy to use tool that helps you create a random or a customized passwords for all of your personal use. This tool will help everyone create a random and a much stronger password which can provide greater security for any type of access.

This password generators found on the internet are simply random password generators. Our Secure Password Generator will produce a complex and strong password with combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters such as slashes, braces, and asterisks etc.

The Secure Password Generator Tool will help those who constantly need strong, random and new passwords to ensure authorized access for all types of programs and to manage any number of passwords for their needs on identity and access management.

How to create a strong, secure and good password ?

A complex and strong password will consist of a combination of numbers and special symbols, such as punctuation etc, uppercase and lowercase letters. The complex and strong password should be at least 12 characters long, but it depends on your needs.

Summing it up, here are the main point you need to note while creating a good, strong and secure password:

  • Is at least 12 characters long. The longer your password is – the better.
  • Is using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols and numbers. Passwords become harder to crack when they consist of a mixed set of characters.
  • Doesn’t contain memorable keyboard paths.
  • Is not based on your personal information.
  • Password is unique for each account you have.

When it is the matter of password security, the more lengthy the better is your password. We would recommend choosing for a password which is at least 12 characters long, but even longer is fine if you are ok with maintaining it.

The more random is each symbol or character in a password, the more exponential number of possible combinations we can arrive at. Assuming you are not using dictionary words or common text, passwords over a certain length become highly uncrackable thus leading to a random, strong and secure password.