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Free MD5 Hash Generator Online

The MD5 hash Generator Online is a very useful and easy to user tool to encode passwords, credit cards numbers and other sensitive data. Any programmers and in general everyone working on or developing on MySQL, SQL, Postgress or similar databases will find this free online tool as a easy to use method for their MD5 hashing tasks.

If you are looking for other common Hashing Algorithms, you can try our our free SHA-1 Hash Generator, SHA-256 Hash Generator, SHA-512 Hash Generator, HMAC Hash Generator. Use the All Hash Generator tool to generate a hash with our complete list of supported Hashing Algorithms.

What is an MD5 hash?

The popular MD5 hashing technique is a mechanism by which an output hashed string is generated by taking an input text/string of an random length and encoding the text/string/data with a well-known 128-bit fingerprint.

If we encode the same string again using MD5 algorithm this will again result in the same 128-bit hash string that was Previously generated. The MD5 generated hashes are very commonly used with a combination of other small strings when there is a need to credit card numbers or store passwords or any other sensitive data in any of the popular databases such as the MySQL.

Our MD5 Generator Free online tool provides a fast and simple way to encode any string into its MD5 hash provided it is a simple string of up to 256 characters in length.

The MD5 hashes are also used to make sure that the data integrity of the strings or files. The MD5 hashing technique will always generate the same output hashed string data for the same input data that is used to hash, we can generate and compare the MD5 hash of any source string/text/data with that of a newly generated MD5 hash of any other string/text/data and can verify that the data is intact and unmodified and hence the integrity is verified.

An MD5 hash is NOT an encryption. The MD5 Hash is simply a fingerprint of any given input. It is important to note that this conversion is a one-way transaction and is almost impossible to regenerate or reverse engineer the generated MD5 hash back to its original content to retrieve the actual data/string.

How to use the MD5 Hash Generator

Our free online MD5 Hash Generator is quite simple to use. Just enter your text/data that you want to generate a hash for. Once you have entered the data, next click on the Generate button. To generate a hash, your data is sent temporarily to a server to calculate the hash and the results are displyaed back to you. No data is stored at our backend servers. Yout data is totally safe as we do not store it.