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Free URL Encode/Decode Online

URL encoding is a process of encoding data present in a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) under some conditions. Though the mechanism is known as URL encoding, it is used more often within the main URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) set, which usually includes both the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and the URN (Uniform Resource Name). This type of encoding is also used to prepare data of the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" media type, as htis is often the case in the submission of HTML input form data from any webpage via HTTP requests.



URL Encode/Decode

Our URL Encode/Decode is a very simple and easy to use online tool that allows you to decodes from URL-encoding as well as encode into it very quickly and easily. If you have data to URL-encode, you can easily encode your data without any hassles or decode your encoded data into a human-readable text or string.

Completely free

Our URL Encode/Decode online tool is free to use and you don't need to login or download any kind of software for these tasks.

What can you do with URL Encode?

  • URL Encode/Decode is very simple free to use online tool to encode URL with it's parameters or decode any encoded string.
  • Our URL Encode/Decode Online Free Tool uses just javascript to encode/decode your data and no data is sent to the server. So, your data is completely safe.
  • This simple and easy to use online tool will save you time and help you do link data encoding.
  • Our URL Encode/Decode online tool allows you to input any normal URL and allows you to encode it. To use the free online tool simply enter your URL encode data into the first text are and click on Enocde/Decode.
  • Our URL Encode/Decode Free Online Tool works well on all kinds of machines such as Windows, MAC, Linux and on all kinds of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.