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Free Case Converter Online

Easily convert and edit your test into different case like Lower case, Upper Case, Kebab case, Camel Case, Snake case, Capitalize and Decapitalize using our free online Case Converter Text tool.

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About the Case Converter Tool

A very handy online text tool where you can change between upper case and lower case letters, snake case, camel case and kebab case, where you can capitalize, uncapitalize, convert into mixed case and transform your text right in your browser.

Did you accidentally left the capslock on and type something, but can't start again now and retype it all ? We have got you covered. This free online tool will help you case convert your text into various cases like uppercase, lowercase, snake case, camel case, kebab case, capitalize and decapitalize.

How to use the Case Converter Tool

Just Paste your data into the text area above and click on any of the different case button type to convert your data into that case data. This tool will start reading your data and case convert right in your browser here in your machine and will not send any code to server to case convert your text. Your data is totally safe.