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Free Escape/Unescape HTML Online

Easily escape or unescape your HTML code using our free online tool.



About Escape/Unescape HTML

The free online Escape/Unescape HTML tool escapes or unescapes an HTML code/text by removing any traces of offending characters which could be wrongfully interpreted as HTML markup. This tool does not send any of your data to the server to escape or unescape HTML. It does it right in the browser in your machine itself, which means your data is totally safe. The below list of characters are reserved in HTML code language and will be replaced with corresponding HTML entities mentioned below during the escape/unescape process:

  • " is replaced with "
  • & is replaced with &
  • < is replaced with &lt;
  • > is replaced with &gt;

How to use the Escape/Unescape HTML Tool

Just Paste your HTML code/data into the text area above and click Generate Escaped/Unescaped HTML button. This will start reading your data and escape/unescape your HTML code right in your browser here in your machine and will not send any code to server to escape/unescape the HTML tags from your text.