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Free Strip HTML Tags Online

Easily strip HTML tags from your text using our free online tool.



About the Strip HTML Tags Tool

Our Strip HTML Tags free online tool will remove any and all HTML tags inf your text and will convert your input HTML code into plain string/text. Our free online Strip HTML Tags tool removes any existing text formats from the input HTML and will allow you to share and save in plain text format.

The Strip HTML Tags tool helps you strip HTML tags, remove htm or html code and convert your HTML code/data into TEXT string/data. The Strip HTML Tags free Online tool works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

The Strip HTML Tags tool uses JavaScript regex to remove the HTML tags in your HTML code/data and keeps new line and doesnt tamper with any logic in it.

How to use Strip HTML Tags Tool

Just Paste your HTML code/data into the text area above and click Strip HTML button. This will start reading your data and converting it into plain text right in the browser here in your machine and will not send any code to server to strip or remove the HTML tags from your text.