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Easily and quickly compile your Less style code into beautiful formatted CSS style code online for free using our easy to use and simple Less to CSS Compiler.




Here are some of the other CSS preprocessors like SASS to CSS Compiler and the SCSS to CSS Compiler.

What is a CSS preprocessor

A CSS Preprocessor will compile the css code which is written using a special compiler into CSS. These compilers then use that to create a regular CSS file, which can be used by any HTML document anywhere.

While using a CSS Preprocessor, we will be able to write the program in normal CSS just as we would write if the preprocessor were not in place and as if we are witing a regular CSS file. The best thing is that we will have more options available to you via the compiler.

Some of the CSS preprocessors like SASS have specific style code standards which are meant to ease the writing of the style document much easier than the other CSS preprocessors like the freedom to omit brackets just in case we need.

Also, CSS Preprocessors offer various other features like variables, mixins etc. Most of the features offered by these CSS preprocessors are incredibly similar across all the preprocessors available today, with only little variances in the syntax while writing the code. Thus, we can choose almost much any one as per our need, and we can achieve the same results.

What is LESS ?

Less is a known as dynamic preprocessor CSS language that can be easily compiled into CSS and can be run on the client side or the server side based on our needs. It was originally designed by Alexis Sellier. The Less framework is very much influenced by Sass and inturn has influenced the latest "SCSS" syntax of Sass preprocessor, which readily adopted its CSS like block formatting syntax which is quite easy to work with.

Sample LESS Code

        @primarycolor: #FF7F50;
        color: @primarycolor;
        color: @color;
Compiled CSS:
          {{'h2 {
        color: #FF7F50;
        h3 {
        color: #800080;
        }  '}}