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Free XML Validator Online

Validate your XML string to check for errors with our free online easy and simple to use XML Validator Tool.


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What is XML Format ?

XML is a platform independent language or tool for storing and transporting data. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language which is a markup language much like HTML but was was designed to store and transport data and be be self-descriptive.

XML is a W3C Recommendation, but XML does not DO anything. XML is just information wrapped in enclosed tags. The XML language has no predefined tags unlike the HTML counterpart.

What is XML Validator?

The Free Online XML Validator is an online XML Validation tool that helps you validate your XMLs for any errors online easily and quickly. The Free Online XML Validator tool is a powerful and easy to use XML editor that lets you edit, view and analyze your XML data or file along with formatting the XML data for any errors.

How to use the XML Validator

Our Powerful Free XML Validator Online tool was designed with simplicity in mind. It is quite easy to use this online tool for validating your XML data of file. Just paste or enter your XML in the first code text area above and click on the Validate button below the code text area.

The Online XML Validator Free tool formats and validates your XML data or document and checks for any XML validation errors. If there are any errors with your XML data, the XML validator will display the errors below the code text area and you can edit your XML to correct your errors and re-validate your XML.