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Free JSON to XML Converter Online

Easily convert your JSON files to XML with our free online easy and simple to use JSON to XML Converter Tool.




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What is JSON Format ?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation which is a lightweight format for storing and transporting data. JSON format is quite often used when we need to sent data between a server and a web page. JSON is becoming increasingly popular these days due to its simplicity.

JSON is self describing and very easy to understand for the average human. Creating the JSON data is syntactically similar to creating objects in JavaScript. Due to this similarity, we can easily convert and transform JSON data into Javascript objects and vice-versa.

What is XML Format ?

XML is a platform independent language or tool for storing and transporting data. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language which is a markup language much like HTML but was was designed to store and transport data and be be self-descriptive.

XML is a W3C Recommendation, but XML does not DO anything. XML is just information wrapped in enclosed tags. The XML language has no predefined tags unlike the HTML counterpart.

What is JSON to XML Converter

The Free JSON to XML Converter Online tool is a simple and easy to use tool to covnert your JSON data or document into valid formatted XML data. You can use this JSON to XML Converter Online tool completely for free without any login or downloading any softwares for this task.

How to use the JSON to XML Converter Tool

Our Free JSON to XML Converter Online tool is actually very simple and intuitive to use. First, enter your JSON data in the first code text area above. Check for any errors before converting and correct them if needed.

Once you have pasted or entered valid JSON data, now click on the 'Convert' button below the first code text area. This will instantly convert your JSON data into XML data without any errors. While converting no data is sent to any server, all the conversion is done right in your browser.

So you can be sure that your data is safe. Feel free to explore all our other tools on the site. If you like this tool, please share and spread the word. We would really appreciate if you can credit us, by linking to our page, no pressure though.