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Free Domain Age Checker Online

Domain Age Checker is a useful tool to check the age of any website or domain name on the Internet. This is One of the best tools to determine domain age. Use this free Domain Age Checker online tool to verify the Domain Age details of any website online for free.


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What is Domain Age ?

Domain Age simply means the amount of time during which a domain name has existed on the internet. Lets say if was registered in 2018, its Domain Age would be 4 years by 2022.

What is a Domain Name

It is the address or the URL of a website. It is the address which everyday nternet users type in the address bar to access your website.

About Domain Age Checker Tool

Domain Age Checker Tool is used for the purpose of checking the age of any website or domain name on the internet. Our Domain Age Checker Tool is qquite a powerful tool out of the many tools out there as it is packed with some really cool domain name checking features.

Usually, other domain age checkers present online just show you the age of the domain mostly in years. But Domain Age Checker by is much more powerful.

Our Domain Age Checker tool not only shows you the age of any website or domain name, but also the exact year, month, day and time any website or domain name was registered on. Our Domain Age Checker Tool is completely FREE, no hidden fees, no monthly charges and no prior registration required to use this tool.

How to Use the Domain Age Checker Tool

Our Domain Age Checker is pretty simple and easy to use. Just enter the url of the website or domain name that you want the check the age for. Once you have entered a valid URL in the text box above, click on the Check Domain Age buton. Our Domain Age Checker tool will do its magic and show you the results.