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Free Meta Description Tag Checker Online

The Description tag is also one of the most important meta tags of any website. The content of the description tag is the one displayed beneath the title in search results when someone tries to search fo your site. Use this free Meta Description Tag Checker online tool to Check the Description Tag of any website online for free.


If you are looking to analyze a webpage further, you can try our Meta Tags Analyzer, Title Tag Checker, Meta Viewport Tag checker or the Title Description Viewer to check how your page's title and description would appear on the Google Search Results.

Check Google's recommendation on writing good descriptions here.

What is Description Tag

The Meta Description Tag is quite an important and useful meta tag as it tells the search engines and (sometimes) users themselves what our webpage is all about.

Please note that the Meta Description Tag may not always show up in the search results (Google and many other search engines could pick up a snippet or para of text from the webpage itself) but is useful in quite a number of different other ways.

It is quite well known that the keywords in the meta description tag content value will not affect search engine rankings. A compelling and captivating Meta Description Tag could very well entice users or searchers to click through from the search results to your site, particularly when the description includes the keywords he/she was looking for.

This improves the click-through rate and a strong click-through rate from the search engine results can indirectly improve the webpage's rankings.

How to Use the Free Description Tag Checker Tool

Our Free and online Description Tag Checker tool is quite easy to use. All you need to do is simply enter the URL of your website or the site you want to analyze the Description Tag For. Once your enter the URL details, you can click on the Analyze button and let the Free Online Description Tag Checker tool let it do its magic.

The tool will fetch the Description Tag from the site you have entered and display it to you. You can copy or download all the information displyed for your reference or free use. Just pass the word of our free tool and help many others like you.