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Free CSS Gradient Generator Online

Create cool and stylish looking gradient backgrounds for your web projects, generate and copy the CSS3 Gradient Generator Code completely for free using this CSS Gradient Generator online tool.



What is CSS Gradient Generator

The CSS Gradient Generator is a free online gradient background generator. Are you looking to generate cool looking, awesome and stylish backgrounds and clor combinations for your web projects, you are in the right place.

Gradients are cool, no doubt. But not many can do it on their own. We have develpoed this simple and easy to use CSS Gradient Generator tool to help everyone with their coloring and gradient background needs. We hope you like it. Feel free to let us know.

How do you make your own Gradient?

Gradients are cool, but making one yourself is much more satisfying. You can use this free online gradient generator to get the css code for the gradient. This free gradient generator can be used as radial gradient generator or liner-gradient generator.

Can we use this as a 3 color gradient generator ?

Yes, you can. The minimum number of colors required for the gradient is 2 colors. But you can also add another color stop to the gradient. This additional color stop is your third color making this a 3 color gradient generator. The css code updates automatically to reflect your 3 color gradient.

How do you make a 4-color Gradient ?

Creating a 4-color gradient is quite easy with our free online css gradient generator, maker and background generator. Add more color stops and choose the colors for each of the stops. The gradient preview will show you the resultant 4-color gradient. You can add any number of color stops to your gradient.

How to use the Gradient Generator, Background Generator

Our CSS Gradient Generator is quite simple and easy to use. First, select the type of graident you want to generate, whether a radial one or a linear gradient. If you are unsure what is what, try toggling the gradient type and see the results in the color preview.

Once you have selected the type of gradient, now choose the angle of gradient if applicable. You can see the angel of gradient changing live in the generated gradient preview. NExt tewak the color properties. You can change the color, its opacity and where the color should be positioned in the gradient effect.

Now, check your gradient in the live preview. You can add more colours to you gradient but much more cooler effects. Try adding a color stop with the + Stop button. You can add upto 5 color stops to the gradient.

When you feel, you are ready with your awesome looking gradient, go ahead and copy the generated CSS Gradient code from the displayed CSS code box above. You can use this code freely anywhere you want, no restrictions. If you feel this tool has been valuable to you, please share this page and credit us, no pressure though.